Heimdal Unified Threat Management Platform

Revolutionary. Unified. AI Cybersecurity.
From ransomware and insider threat, to business email compromise and anything in between, Heimdal® protects your operational integrity by stopping even the most sophisticated cyberattacks from day one.

Filter DNS, HTTP and HTTPs traffic

91% of online threats leverage DNS. Heimdal®’s Threat Prevention identifies emergent and hidden cyber-threats, stops cyberattacks that go undetected by traditional Antivirus and closes off data-leaking venues. With zero interruptions and minimal endpoint footprint.

Own the present, see the future

96% accuracy in predicting future threats through the use of applied neural networks modelling allows you to confidently own your company’s DNS governance setup and hinder all immediate and future cyber-threat scenarios. You stay ahead of the curve, with total confidence.

Unleash unique Threat Hunting

Spot malicious URLs, processes, and backtrack the attacker’s origins with a code-autonomous endpoint DNS threat hunting solution. Empower your team with the perfect tools and gain complete visibility and control over your endpoints and network.

Heimdal Unified Threat Management


Heimdal Protects Against Ransomware


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