IT Support Services

Get a Personal Service Rather Than a Helpdesk
Our range of services, enterprise in class but delivered at an SME price point, are designed to help you protect your data whilst not breaking the bank.

Join our other customers enjoying a support service designed exclusively for small and medium sized operations. We take as much or as little responsibility as you dictate from managing your networks security to running IT in its entirety including password resets, email, phone systems etc…

One of the many features of our service is that we will endeavour to fix issues, perform maintenance, upgrade software or add new products at the weekend or in the evening to reduce operational impact. There is no out of hours services rate hike.

Our helpdesk is optional with most preferring to call their primary contact directly. While the service is office hours we operate a best endeavours approach to out of hours problems. Typically a call on a Saturday morning will be actioned. Saturday evening is less likely to get a response!

Why Use our Services?

  •   Fixed Price
  •   Simple 2-page contract
  •   Unlimited remote support
  •   Backup and DR testing included
  •   Remediation carried out on a weekend to reduce operational impact
  •   Covers infrastructure as it stands today
  •   No lengthy complex on boarding process
  •   No long-term commitment – 90 day rolling contract
  •   Peace of mind – our prime skill is security
  •   Personal contact with mobile numbers and optional helpdesk


IT consulting, cyber security, services and supply. 100+ years experience in IT including CISO, CTO, procurement, marketing and technical sales. Our core philosophy is one of honesty and integrity. Since our foundation in 2014 we have not lost a customer....a good reason to give us a call.


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