Automated Penetration Testing with PCYSYS

Pentera by Pcysys - 4 min demo

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Automated Penetration Testing of Infrastructure

Why settle for human based testing once or twice a year or testing of specific locations on a round robin basis with reports of varying quality delivered 2 weeks after the test - it is now possible to use the latest technology to pen test the whole environment as often as you wish, get immediate and consistent on demand reports. 

Then, unlike before, test the remediation! 

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Automated Penetration Testing

Feeling secure because you pen test your infrastructure twice a year or test every major new application release? For sure it is, or rather was, a great way to spend your security budget until the emergence of Automated Penetration Testing solutions.


69% of attacks that resulted in a data breach came from either organised crime or state affiliated groups. 

Only 5% of known vulnerabilities where exploited in 2017!


We have the ONLY automated penetration testing tool available today

  •   It is not a vulnerability management tool.
  •   It is not a ‘simulator’
  •   It does not rely on human pen testers

In simple terms treat the tool like an army of 100 human pen testers, give it an IP address range, and unleash it.

In the first instance the network is scanned and vulnerabilities are mapped. Then based on this information automated and/or customisable analysis is performed to identify the areas most at risk, essentially behaving exactly like a human pen tester. Then in the same way a human pen tester will try to run exploits and attacks to seek further control and gain access to more critical information; our automated solutions will do exactly the same.
  • Choose Black box, Grey Box, White Box or Goal Orientated attack scenarios
  • Our solutions simulate millions of attacks and never stop.
  • Our solutions reduce the time your security specialists spend assessing the severity of the risk by prioritising the key remediations 

Free Proof of Value is available. It can be deployed in minutes and run for just 2 days. In most cases actionable intelligence is achieved in less than 20 mins.

Download our Frost and Sullivan Automated Penetration Testing Leadership report, and/or request more information and a demo

Free proof of value is available.


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