IT Security Specialists

Amalfi’s Guiding Mantra:
  • There are many ways to do IT right but some are more right than others
  • Educate, educate and educate again
  • Accept you will be hacked and probably have already been compromised
  • No matter how hard you try there is a Muppet in your company who has the potential to unintentionally undermine all your good work

Our first question will not be 'Can we have an order for £xxxx' so that we can thrust upon you our own preferred suite of products, or even 'What do you have in place today' will be 'What happens if you get hit by ransomware tomorrow?

The first thing we need to do is make sure your current data is protected by testing backup's or DR strategies.....when was the last time you tested yours?

Once we have protected your current data and made any backup's immutable., ie not vulnerable to encryption attack, then we move onto the business of proactive cyber security.

Only then do we move to the next layers and evaluate what is appropriate within the bounds of your budgets, company size, national and industry regulatory requirements and appetite for risk.

Check out this great source of free information and products:



We can provide totally vendor agnostic advice whereby we have no vested interest in promoting one area or technology over any other.

Let us appraise and then develop an appropriate security strategy and applicable policies to help you protect your organisation. We are happy to provide board reports and assist in reporting the current security posture and risk profile.


  •   Assessment
  •   CISO
  •   Cyber Security Awareness Training
  •   Anti-Ransomware
  •   Email security
  •   24x7 Security Ops Centre
  •   Automated Pen Testing
  •   Insider Threat Detection

Terms are flexible and always bespoke. Choose single day rate, project rate or longer-term engagements as is best fit for your company.


IT consulting, cyber security, services and supply. 100+ years experience in IT including CISO, CTO, procurement, marketing and technical sales. Our core philosophy is one of honesty and integrity. Since our foundation in 2014 we have not lost a customer....a good reason to give us a call.


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