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Email Security, Archiving and Load Balancing

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Check your current email security posture by receiving emails simulating 17 different threats, all harmless in this case, including Business Email Compromise  or 'whaling'. As you would expect from a company like Amalfi there are no gotchas and nothing hidden...all we need is your email address to test. 

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Alternatively call for a more detailed discussion on how the service works, or email security in general. 

Libraesva, one of the best companies you have never heard of, is a leader in the development of advanced email security solutions and is now positioned among the most important brands in the world of computing security. The Libraesva suite provides security, continuity and compliance offerings that include the Email Security Gateway, the Email Load Balancer and the Email Archiver

  •     Next Generation Sandbox
  •     Threat Remediation
  •    GDPR Compliance
  •      99.99% Spam Catch rate

  •    Email Continuity
  •     Cloud Protection
  •     Risk Management
  •      Near zero false positives

Libraesva Email Secure Gateway (ESG) available as on premise virtual appliance or cloud service.

It allows companies to enforce their e-mail acceptable use policy, and actively blocks unknown 0-day malware thanks to it’s innovative sandboxing modules.

Libraesva ESG Cloud Virtual Appliance

ESG Cloud Virtual Appliance is a real boost for organizations looking for a private cloud deployment! This product is a dedicated instance of Libraesva ESG, running on our datacenters and not shared with anyone else. ESG Cloud Appliance will easily fit the bill for most companies that don’t want to manage hardware infrastructure anymore. Ideal solution for ISP/MSPs who want to offer spam filtering as a service, resellers who want to White-Label Libra Esva and sell it under their own brand, or companies where a shared resource is not possible due to legislation or regulatory requirements.

Libraesva ESG On-Premise Virtual Appliance

Libraesva ESG On-Premise Virtual Appliance is a full business email security solution, including the operating system, multi-layerl analysis engine and a complete administration environment.

Ready to be deployed with certified images on your own VMware, Hyper-V or Citrix Xen Server Hypervisor!

  •   Supports Microsoft Outlook, Google Android, Apple IOS
  •   Seamless integration with Office365 and GSuite
  •   Fully pre-configured by Libraesva experts


With Office 365, Microsoft is offering a very affordable email hosting service that includes a lot of added tools. Most customers seem happy with the email hosting part. As for the built-in Anti-Spam, there appears to be room for improvement. Office 365 comes with EOP (Exchange On-line Protection) built-in. EOP is Microsoft’s generic Anti-Spam engine and sadly it has completely replaced FOPE (Frontbridge Online Protection for Exchange). Libra Esva for Office 365 fills this gap, offering the best email security solution perfectly fitted with Microsoft Office 365 environment.

A dedicated email security solution like Libra ESVA will provide a comprehensive set of enterprise security features, using multiple AV scanning services, advanced spam protection, unique URL and document sandboxing, heuristic scanning and reputation checks to protect users from advanced threats such as Phishing, Whaling, PDFs with embedded links or javascript and more.

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