Heimdal Security replaces IBM Trusteer Rapport at Natwest
From 31st January 2019, IBM Trusteer Rapport will no longer serve as an additional layer of security protection on Bankline.
However, Bankline customers will be able to switch to an alternative, award winning solution called Heimdal Thor Foresight Enterprise, to increase protection against cybercrime. In 2018, Heimdal won the Computing Security Award’s “Anti Malware Product of the Year”.
Heimdal Security wins Best Anti-Malware product of 2018 at the Computing Awards
Those two statements alone should be enough to make anyone serious about security and protecting their data sit up and take note. We appreciate, despite the above, that many will prefer to remain with the bigger well-known brands but for those that are more visionary we would love to show just why this product is so highly rated.

Heimdal Thor Foresight

Protect against Ransomware, Data Leakage, Exploits, APT’s and Malware

Heimdal Thor Vigilance

Next Gen anti-virus

Heimdal Thor Premium

Foresight and Vigilance for total protection

Already have AV in place, no need to waste that investment. Heimdal Thor Foresight complements all forms of traditional AV. When the time is right, perhaps never, upgrade and add Heimdal Thor Vigilance.

As with almost all our products and solutions we offer free PoC’s.


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