Email, File and Cloud Encryption


Only my email needs encrypting. MYTH.

The only way to truly secure your data is to use encryption. FACT.

Loss of encrypted data does not constitute a notifiable breach. FACT.

The only real protection from the human factor, or the Muppet, in your organisation is encryption. FACT.

Encryption is no longer a productivity inhibitor. FACT.

Why you should encrypt files not just emails:

…..a member of the public found a USB memory stick, which had been lost by a HAL (Heathrow Airport Limited) employee. The stick, which contained 76 folders and over 1,000 files was not encrypted…….The stick was passed to a national newspaper which took copies of the data before giving the stick back to HAL….

Under the DPA1998 (not GDPR or DPA2018) HAL were fined £120,000, it may have been much more under GDPR.

My email is encrypted in the cloud by Gmail or Office365 and in transit with TLS. True, but how many of us only ever use the cloud for email and never store it locally in a client such as Outlook. Emails are not generally compromised or stolen while in transit or in the cloud. Your email is most vulnerable in your email client on your personal compute device, including smart phones. If you want to protect your email, and secure yourself from business email compromise, then you need to make sure you use an encryption technology that keeps it safe on your personal compute device
I never send a username and password in the same email to prevent compromise. We congratulate you on the honourable sentiments by which you are actuated however a hacker who has access to the first email with the username name will also have access to the second email. Send both together using encryption.
I encrypt the email and send the ‘key’ in another email. We congratulate you on the honourable sentiments by which you are actuated however a hacker who has access to the first email with the ‘key’ will now have access to the second email. Never send the ‘key’ by email.

Our solution is remarkably simple, cost effective, and encrypts both file and email.


  •   Authenticates on email address
  •   No key management
  •   Available as full cloud, hybrid or on-site appliance
  •   Protects emails in all email clients
  •   Supports most OS including Windows, MAC, IOS, Android
  •   Single button Send and Encrypt
  •   Secure files and emails for access only by named persons (unique email addresses)
  •   Auto prompt to view attachments to ensure right one is being sent
  •   Email revocation that prevents receiver opening email
  •   Email read receipts that mean receiver cannot open email unless he sends the receipt
  •   Document Signing
  •   Protection for printing and scanning


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