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A Cloud Based Telephony Solution for One to Thousands of Users

Cloud based telephony solutions are perfect for companies of all sizes. Great if you are a sole trader or one man company looking to create that professional image. Great if you are a small company that wants all the features without the price, complexity and long term lock in. Great if you are a mid size company looking to make the workforce more productive.

We can have you up and running in just a few minutes, with full functionality. Yes just a few minutes.....put us to the test.

How to Select a VOIP Solution

How many companies are providing VOIP solutions - a quick google search brings up plenty. I suspect most people reading this intro will be aware of VOIP, how it works and what it can do you. The big question is how do I differentiate between all the vendors who simply put a new marketing spin on the same technology - VOIP.

And for those in the finance sector we support MiFiD II

Here are my top 3 factors to consider:

1. Do they have a mobile app and how good is it?
2. How complex is the pricing and what features are hidden costs?
3. Is integration with collaboration and CRM tools included?
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The Mobile App

The mobile app lets you manage your comms as though you were in the office. Need to leave the office but have a call in progress - no problem - take it with you on your mobile - the transition is seamless. Want to show the office number when you call from your mobile - that's nice and easy. Collaborate with your colleagues just as though you were at your desk - all the benefits and efficiencies of collaboration tools while on the move.
And all of this included in the per user pricing - no hidden extras


Unlike many our pricing is simple and transparent.

How's this for simple:

  • Pricing is per user with 3000 inclusive minutes allocated to the company per user. 
  • Prices start at £17.50 on a 30 day rolling contract with no annual committments.
  • Add and remove users at will and without penalty.
  • Every call recorded, downloadable and stored for 2 years
  • Voicemail for all users

Offering all of this with no committment is testiment to our confidence in the ability of the solution to meet and exceed expectations.

Don't let others deploy smoke and mirrors to woo you with a free trial then drop a 3 year contract under your nose.

And yes, if price were the key then we will do long term contracts as part of an individually negotiated deal.


Connect all your systems and streamline your workflows.

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft O365


Power BI Analytics




Microsoft Azure AD


Lime CRM






Google G-Suite




Buyers Guide: How to choose the right cloud PBX

This buyer’s guide is for anyone who uses or is in need of a cloud PBX going forward. Here you will get 22 questions, with YES or NO answers, about your company’s current situation, and what your future plans are. By addressing the current situation and pondering future needs and solutions, you will gain a better insight into what functions are important to you and your company.


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