IT Sanity check for CEO’s

Here is a real scenario from 2018 which is currently in the law courts and involves a sizeable player in the IT support arena. I shall call them Company Z. Contact me for more information.
Company Z had been providing IT support to my client for over 2 years. As part of that contract they provided local and cloud backup. It turns out they had not been providing cloud backup despite charging for it. This rendered my client’s business insurance invalid and potentially would have wiped out his business at a stroke had there been a disaster at their offices.
While scenario’s like the above are rare it shows that independent checking is essential.

Some of the things we typically find:

  • Clear text passwords available
  • No backups
  • No testing of backup and data retrieval
  • Poorly configured firewalls
  • Endpoints with no anti-virus or malware
  • No backup power supply (UPS)
  • Incorrectly configured UPS
  • Too many people with ‘admin rights


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