Continuous Automated Penetration Testing and Threat Detection

A genuine game changer – continually test your environment - carry out millions of attacks per day – test your global network - get the results in real-time – prioritize remediation – 32x workload reduction

GDPR, PECR and Data Protection Consultancy

If someone tries to sell you GDPR compliance then show them the door…..take our 2 question challenge to see whether your DPO knows his onions.

IT Security Specialists

We recognise every customer attaches a different value to their data and brand reputation so accordingly every solution and service is tailored to meet the individual needs of those customers.

Virtual CISO and DPO

Our virtual employee program is a perfect solution when you need the knowledge and skills but don’t have the scale to justify a full-time position. We are experienced CISOs, CTO’s, IT managers and DPO’s. Starting from 1 day per month and £500

for the benefit of

IT Security Specialists and IT Support


IT Support Services

Is your current support company taking you offline during the working day to fix problems, or charging out of office/weekend rates for services? Our fixed price unlimited, all-inclusive remote support packages have no extra charge for problem solving out of hours or at weekends.

Automated Cloud Resource Optimisation

Applications become self-aware of their resource requirements and dynamically match their needs to optimal cloud resources. Zero cost proof of concept with GUARANTEED savings.


IT consulting, services and supply. 35 years experience in IT including running IT department, procurement, marketing and technical sales. Our core philosophy is one of honesty and integrity. We only have engineers, no wide boys and everyone is focussed on doing the right thing for the customer.


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